The peak time for roses to bloom is during summer time. The roses’ beautiful, fragrant, and lush flowers are in full bloom in this season that charms you with their bold, bright colors, their surreal beauty, and their hypnotizing scents. However, too much heat within your place could impact your roses negatively, in addition to particular diseases and pests that totally result in extreme damages. In this article, we will provide you an easy and quick guideline to take care of your roses during the summer season that you should consider. These tips can help prolong the lives of your roses, and to keep safe and healthy:

Provide your roses a lot of water

You must thoroughly hydrate your garden, lawn, and the overall landscape in the summer season as you follow the water regulation within your vicinity. Though, roses require special care in terms of irrigation. You must provide them approximately 2.5 gallons of water every week early in the morning. Rose experts and Horticulture specialists claim that the greatest means to keep your roses thriving and healthy is to set up an irrigation system that slowly releases drip since it helps in thoroughly hydrating the roses without wasting a lot of water.

Provide your roses the right fertilizers with the right nutrients

The rule of thumb is to have your roses planted in a sunny place, away from pests, bugs, snails, and mosquitoes. Roses also can take advantage of balanced nutrients and proper soil pH. Though during summer, feeding your roses is required since some environmental conditions and heat might result in poor side effects of nutrition and develop diseases. Aside from watering your roses to nourish them, you could also incorporate organic fertilizers to help them survive and be nourished as well.

Protect your roses from pests

There are a lot of pests that lurk around your property. You need to pay attention to them and efficiently repel them as much as you can. Usually, aphids are the roses’ major enemy during the hot season. Aphids are tiny pests that infest on your plants. They particularly love the sweetness of the roses. These pests that look like worms can be commonly found under the leaves of the roses and you can track them by observing the sticky and black substance that they leave behind. Aphids are a sooty fungus that can possibly cause several issues for plants while blocking the sunlight. If you think aphids are present in your lawn, particularly on your rose plants, you need to directly refer to a reliable lawn care service company to help combat aphids on your lawn. There are a lot of chemical and organic solutions to prevent these pests from reaching your roses. Also, you must get ready to hire them.

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